Ladies you want to tone but not build muscle

This week on the Brute Shoot we are talking to you ladies! With 2018 around the corner and fitness goals on the top of our list, coach con breaks down how to see the results you want!

Transition to four person teams

This week on the knowledge bomb we discuss our opinions on what the change from 6 to 4 people means for the sport and what we expect will change

Tempo Presses

The benefits of tempos in lifting are unparalleled by any other form of lifting modification

Proper feet placement for the squat and starting position of the clean or snatch.

Have you ever had a coach tell you toes out in your squat and wondered why it is?

Hips forward and up for vertical finish.

If there is one topic that is hot amongst newer coaches it is bar path. Many will say that it is completely vertical, however if we pull out a trusted slowmo app we will see that is not true.