Deload weeks, what are they, and why do coaches program them

Ever wonder why your coach is programming deload weeks? Sometimes when you see a deload week in your program, you might feel scared that you are going to lose all your gains.

How to use Olympic lifting straps

Olympic weightlifting straps are quite different from conventional straps seen in a Globo Gym.

Grip and rack positioning going in for the jerk

Are you constantly finding it difficult to lock out your jerk? Do you find yourself commonly pushing the bar forward, because the bar is slipping off of your chest? Listen up!

Feet placement for the split jerk

Do you feel unstable in your split jerk? Are your feet always feeling as if they need to be somewhere else in your split? Maybe they should be! There is much to be said about different styles of jerks, but the vast majority of split jerks will fall into a very similar positioning.

The Mechanics Of Breathing

A quick test to check the efficiency of your breathing mechanics as well as what to do when you find an inefficiency.