How much ya bench?

A great question in the sport of Olympic lifting. Have you even seen an elite level powerlifter with the ability to drop under a snatch that is even 50% of their best bench?

Introducing Fall Brute Body Transformation Challenge Winner

We’d like to introduce you to Mitch Probert, winner of the 2017 Fall Brute Body Transformation Challenge! Mitch has been a member with Brute Strength since the very beginning. He worked through Brute Body Phase 1 and most of Phase 2, but then was sidelined with some health issues that prohibited him from continuing. After taking nine months off, he had put on some weight and lost all of the gains he had originally made. That motivated him to jump back into the program in April of this year. We chatted with Mitch and asked him to give us some insight into what this challenge meant to him.

Clusters: what they are and how to use them

Clusters are not squat clean thrusters! This week Coach Nick Fowler talks what they actually are and how to use them to overcome plateaus

Becoming a better athlete by pacing

This is the time of year for you to be becoming a master of your abilities, in our own programs we ask specific things of our athletes. There might be a particular amount of rest, a particular amount of work, or their sole purpose on some workouts might be to simply get faster as they go.This week we're talking how pacing can benefit your athletic development.

Additional Hamstring/Glute/Lower back work

The sport of Olympic lifting is a very quad dominant sport in general. In a nutshell, this means that over time, the hamstrings become underdeveloped in relation to the quadriceps. There tends to be much more focus on extension of the legs and squatting than hinging and deadlifting.