Stripper Pole Lifter

How many times have you heard someone tell you your Olympic lifts resemble a stripper on a dance pole? This is a very common problem in the Olympic lifting world, and going to a strip club will not solve it, but lift offs will.

Donkey Kicking

Have you ever watched Luis Mosquera snatch over 140 kilos on international stage? It is something of beauty, and it takes no slowmo camera to realize he is bringing his feet up almost 3 inches to shift them.

The small differences in elite athletes

This week we are discussing a question received in a weekly check in concerning the difference in a top spot at the games and an okay finish at the games

Clean Deadlift: Oly vs Powerlifting

The clean deadlift and the powerlifting deadlift both have their place in the functional fitness world.


Be on the look out for the release of the livecast with Adrian Conway and Michael Cazayoux about the Wasatch Brutes winning the Affiliate Cup and the lessons learned from that experience!