When and what exercises to wear a belt

Everyone knows that one guy in the gym who comes in with a mountain full of gear. Belt, wrist wraps, straps, hookgrip tape, knee sleeves, and maybe even some special chalk. Every set is done with all of this equipment on. How necessary are these things, particularly a belt?


On August 22nd at 4:30PM CST join Adrian Conway and Michael Cazayoux for a Livecast about the Wasatch Brutes winning the Affiliate Cup and the lessons learned from that experience! You can watch the Livecast right here on the Brute Strength FB page! You don't want to miss this one!

Why would Rich smile?

This week we talk about all the memes and posts about Rich being a "Poor Sport" or "Sore Loser" and why we applaud him for not hiding his emotions after this years CrossFit Games

What should my front squat be in relation to my back squat

What should your front squat be in comparison to your back squat? The answer to this question is sometimes over complicated.

How to plan your training skeleton pt.3

Part 3 of 3 on how to plan your training skeleton. So now, you've tested, have you seen or not seen improvement? How can we use this to identify how to change things for the next cycle.