Additional Hamstring/Glute/Lower Back Work

The sport of Olympic lifting is a very quad dominant sport in general. In a nutshell, this means that over time, the hamstrings become underdeveloped in relation to the quadriceps. There tends to be much more focus on extension of the legs and squatting than hinging and deadlifting. In our sport however, performing a pure deadlift does not necessarily transfer over to a clean or snatch as well because the positioning is very different from a clean or snatch pull. As a result of this we need certain exercises that will train the hamstrings and glutes, but also will mimic the positioning of the lifts.

For this we use:

  1. Good mornings
  2. Romanian deadlifts

    These both mimic the shoulders being over the bar similar to the clean and the snatch. You can throw in additional work with RDLs to focus on the isometric strength as well, such as RDLS with a pause in the bottom position. You can do single leg RDLs as well. These will challenge your balance extremely and build musculature you didn’t know you had!

    Other great exercises:

  3. Glute ham raises are also a great option for building your hamstrings and glutes.
  4. Weighted hip-ups are great as well for developing the glutes and focusing on glute “activation”.
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