What it Takes to Qualify for the CrossFit Open Quarterfinals

Adrian Conway

There have been a ton of changes over the last few years to the CrossFit Games. It goes without saying that becoming one of the top dawgs in competition is a totally different beast. Perhaps one of the most exciting changes in our sport is the return of regionals (AKA the Semi-Finals) and the all-new qualifying round, The Quarterfinals. The reason why we’re so excited about the Quarterfinals is that it gives fringe athletes a chance to continue competing after ...

How Kara Saunders Trained Through Covid-19


COVID has taken it’s toll on all of us this past year when it comes to training. It’s been a challenge, but in order to stay on top of the sport, the best athletes have had to adapt their schedules and training to work around quarantine schedules and equipment limitations. Director of Strength and Conditioning, Nick Fowler is joined by 7x CrossFit Games Athlete, Kara Saunders to discuss a variety of topics including finding balance as a new mother, programming ...

3 Exercises for More Ankle Mobility and Better Squats


Find out if your ankles are limiting your squat. If they are, you might be able to add a few hard earned pounds to your lifts with these daily exercises.

Why We Build Your Foundation for Elite Level Gymnastics


If you don’t create a strong foundation, you’re setting yourself up for failure. In this presentation, Head Gymnastics Coach, Nick Sorrell, walks you through our organized system for building the ultimate base of athleticism. If you want to see this system in action, you’re in luck! We have a FREE 3 day video series that breaks down our unique formula and delivers it straight to your inbox. Whether you’re looking to get your first muscle-up, or build your capacity in ...

Volume vs. Intensity: How to Break into the Top 10%


Everyone wants to know what they must do to win the CrossFit Games. You don’t need to go much further than the video of the podium winners, specifically the male side, to find out that there is no one way to get to the top.