Yoga for the Athlete

Annika Naidoo

Misconceptions of Yoga Here’s the thing. Stereotypical misconceptions of yoga still exist – I base this on what I hear in podcasts, conversations with friends, and certainly by some strength and conditioning coaches, many of whom I respect. To a degree, I can’t blame them – a lot of what we see on Instagram is pretty pictures of freakishly bendy women and it’s like we physically cringe in pain at the thought of attempting to contort ourselves in the same ...

4 Core Exercises For Stronger Olympic Lifts


Unbelievable abs? In Olympic weightlifting the core is always used in more of an isometric and stabilizing manner.

The Real Hatch Squat Cycle


For the last 20 years, the “Hatch Squat Cycle” has become synonymous with being one of the go-to programmed squat cycles that are known to be both brutal and successful for building leg strength.   As a 17 year athlete of the legendary Gayle Hatch, I am here to finally set the record straight. This squat cycle is NOT even close to anything I have ever done in my career and is in no way, shape, or form a reflection of ...

Adrian Conway VLOG EP. 2: 6:58/ mile pace for HOW MANY MILES?

Adrian Conway

Another day at the grind… In episode 2, I get into some sauna thoughts – Why being flexible with your schedule will serve you better than a rigid daily routine. I also dive into some good ole fashion training from the Brute Games Prep program. With a busy day on the books, I share some of my strategies to fit an entire day of training into one session while the kids are down for a nap. Is it optimal? No… ...

8 Exercises to Avoid as a Pregnant Athlete

Kat Hatchet

It’s time to debunk the fact from the fiction about what REALLY are the high-intensity functional exercises you shouldn’t do during pregnancy, and WHY. 1. EXERCISES FOR TIME This is no longer a race. Don’t be tempted to ever choose intensity over the integrity of movement. You’re now working out with different principles in mind. My feeling is as most of us haven’t got a lot of experience exercising whilst pregnant, most of us can’t be absolutely certain we aren’t ...