Brutal Friday: “Break Point”


12 Min AMRAP 100’ Handstand Walk 50 DB Box Step-Ups (24/20) 50 DB Snatch 200 Double-Unders (50/35 LB.)   Will you excel in the handstand walk and make it 100′ unbroken, or break it up into manageable sections? How will your strategy affect the dumbbell work? Your approach will determine the difference between hearing the buzzer with jump-rope in hand or chipping away into that second round. How many of you will make it? Click HERE to try the most ...

Get to Know the Brutes – Matt Bruce


Matt was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and was very active in his adolescence playing baseball and Taekwondo.  Growing up Matt enjoyed jumping on his grandma’s trampoline and one day decided he wanted to perform a backflip on the ground. Thankfully he didn’t break his neck and before he knew it, he was flipping all over the yard and his parents took notice and enrolled him in Gymnastics. On the first day of gymnastics class at age 11, he felt ...

Brutal Friday: “Constant”


14 Min AMRAP 4 CLEAN AND JERK 12 CHEST TO BAR 50’ WALKING LUNGE *NO WEIGHT (225/145 LB.) Want to see what a typical week looks like on Brute Compete? Click here to try it FREE for 7 days.

Life is a Curveball

Lauren Tait

I grew up in a baseball home as my father was a very talented left-handed pitcher who was known for his ability to throw a wicked curveball. This post is not intended to focus on the sports of baseball or softball however, I will be using the ever so sought after curveball pitch as a metaphor throughout this entire blog. So let’s dive into what makes up the curveball pitch. First, did you know that the curveball, in the mid-1800s, ...

Get to Know the Brutes – Mike Davis


Mike Davis was born at Cherry Point Naval Hospital in Havelock, North Carolina and was born into a military family with his dad being a Marine.  At around 2 years old, his family moved back to their hometown of Loranger, Louisiana where he has lived since. Mike went to a private Christian school until about the 4th grade and was then homeschooled till high school.  Growing up a “country boy” he constantly worked on his grandfather’s dairy farm and played ...