Brute Athletes


Kara Saunders

Age: 30 Experience: 9 Years Coach: Nick Fowler
  • 2nd Fittest on Earth (2017)
  • Spirit of the Games (2016)
  • 3rd Place Rogue Invitational

Fun Fact: Spends the greater portion of her day following her toddlers lead

“So much care is put into every detail. Above everything, including the ridiculously effective programming, I appreciate the time taken to serve me as an individual with my own learning style.”

Adrian Conway

Age: 34 Experience: 10 Years Coach: Brute Compete/Self
  • 3x CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champion
  • 1x Individual CrossFit Games Competitor

Fun Fact: Enjoys a good chick flick

“I love leaning on the other coaches at Brute for advice in their expertise!”

Allison Scudds

Age: 27 Experience: 7 Years Coach: Nick Fowler
  • 4x Regionals Competitor
  • 2019 CrossFit Games Team Competitor (5th Place)
  • Cheerleading World's Competitor

Fun Fact: BS in Biomedical Engineering from Univ of Miami. Also, Crazy Cat lady

“All the coaches I have met are great people and seem really knowledgeable. I really get along with Nick and feel like I can express my feelings and communicate well. I do often have doubts on whether the programming I am doing is actually making me better because of Open and sanctional placements. I recognize it’s tough to just base progress off of that especially in our sport where the tests are always different. I do feel like Nick is very open to discussing what could be the best way forward for me and listens to my concerns.”

Brooke Ence

Age: 31 Experience: 9 Years Coach: Nick Fowler
  • 5x Regional Competitor
  • 2015 CrossFit Games Competitor

Fun Fact: You can watch Brooke on the big screen in films like Wonder Woman, Black Lightning, and Justice League

“Becoming a part of the Brute Strength team has completely changed me as an athlete. In one year they took me from placing 6th in the Northern California regional to placing 1st in the California Super Regional.”

Zeke Grove

Age: 28 Experience: 6 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 3x CrossFit Games Individual Competitor

Fun Fact: Addicted to the game of golf

“I came to brute looking for a spark to reignite my passion after dealing with injuries and other life stresses. Matt has been really patient and put me on the track to get back out competing and enjoying the everyday grind”

Mary Beth Prodromides

Age: 59 Experience: 10 Years Coach: Brute Masters
  • 4x CrossFit Games Masters Champion

Fun Fact: I don’t think this will ever change. I love to jump on the hotel bed when I first arrive. It just is such an invigorating feeling to be a little kid again.

“My experience with my Brute Coaches has been excellent. Not only in adding two first places and 1 second from the CrossFit Games but their valued input into my CrossFit skills, mental toughness, mindset, and life journey. It is a great feeling to be valued as an athlete and a human by my Brute coaches.”

Zach Sowder

Age: 28 Experience: 6 Years Coach: El Senouvor
  • 5th Place CrossFit Games Team Competitor (2019)

Fun Fact: Has a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy

“Brute has helped me tremendously inside and outside the gym. Coach El and Matt Bruce have helped me with effective training strategies to maximize the results from my time spent in the gym as well as working with me on mindset. The biggest benefit has been overcoming plateaus in training and preparation for competition. Coach El is a mastermind when it comes to athletic development and how to peak an athlete for a competition to make sure I’m able to perform at my highest ability when it counts.”

Emma Cary

Age: 16 Experience: 3 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 2019 Fittest Teen on Earth (14-15 Division)

Fun Fact: When I was 8 years old (2 years pre-CrossFit), I adopted a rescue dog named Jim. Over the next few years, I taught him over 130 tricks! He even knows several CrossFit style tricks, including jumping rope and the junkyard dog warm-up. My favorite trick is where I will fake sneeze, Jim will bring me a tissue, I will pretend to blow my nose, then he will put it in the trash can. Jim is so much fun!

“I’ve worked with Matt for 8 months and grown so much physically but also mentally. My overhead squat has improved by 50 pounds! My back squat has improved by 35 pounds, and my front squat, deadlift, power clean, and snatch have improved by 25 pounds. I’ve also PRd gymnastics, running, rowing, biking, and metcons. It is so exciting to see that I am getting fitter in all aspects. I love being pushed every day: pushed to be stronger and fitter, but also to be tougher, more confident, more relentless, more strategic, and more growth-minded. I am SO grateful for the coaches who have poured themselves into making me better.”

Dallin Pepper

Age: 18 Experience: 5 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 3x CrossFit Games Champion

Fun Fact: I really enjoy business, and I am a Harry Potter nerd

“Brute has changed my athletic career. Matt has taken my training to the next level. The coaches are knowledgeable and care about you as a person as well as an athlete. Seeing everyone that is part of Brute at different events is one of my favorite parts.”

Chloe Smith

Age: 18 Experience: 4 Years Coach: El Senouvor
  • 2017 & 2019 Fittest Teen on Earth
  • 2018 Third Fittest Teen

Fun Fact: Currently studying to become a physical therapist

“I love how my programming is made just for me and whatever goals I have set. I’ve made a ton of progress in my few months with Brute Strength!”

Jason Carroll

Age: 31 Experience: 5 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 2x CrossFit Games Individual Competitor

Fun Fact: I really enjoy riding my bike and playing my guitar ( I am no good, but it's fun!)

“My experience has been phenomenal both from a programming standpoint and coach-to-athlete relationship.”

Roman Khrennikov

Age: 25 Experience: 3 Years Coach: Nick Fowler
  • 13th Place CrossFit Games

Fun Fact: I love dogs, and dance

“I have been working with Brute since 2017. I really like their approach.”

Ryan Sowder

Age: 26 Experience: 4 Years Coach: El Senouvor
  • 2019 CrossFit Games Individual Competitor

Fun Fact: He’s a sleepwalker

“They have made me fitter in a year than the 3 years prior combined.”

Tudor Magda

Age: 18 Experience: 4 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 1st Games Teens 2018
  • 3rd Games Teens 2019
  • 1st WZA Teens 2020
  • 1st Pit Teen Games 2020

Fun Fact: I was born in Romania

“My experience with Brute has been outstanding in community, communication and training methodology.”