Brute Athletes


Dallin Pepper

Age: 21 Experience: 8 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 1x CrossFit Games (2021), 3x Teen CrossFit Games Champ (17-19’), 2x Semi Final (20-21’), 2x Individual Wodapalooza

Fun Fact: Mott’s fruit snacks will always be the superior fruit snack.

“What stood out to me when I first joined Brute, when I was 16 years old, was how passionate and knowledgeable the team is. You can expect that same passion and knowledge from the team today.”

James Sprague

Age: 20 Experience: 8 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 2x Teens Games Athlete (17,19’), 2x Semi Finals (20-21’), 2nd Can West (2022), Demo Team (2022)

Fun Fact: I have a major passion for coaching, and crypto trading, I am in school for business.

"Brute has taken me to levels I could have never imagined, whether it’s strength, rehabilitation. Specific specialties in CrossFit or other sports, Brute has the coaching staff and specialties to help anyone of any skill level from any sport."

Emma Cary

Age: 18 Experience: 8 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 1x CrossFit Games (2021), 1x Semi Finals (2021), 1x Teens CrossFit Games Champ (2019), Wodapalooza 2023: 3rd

Fun Fact: I love dog training! My dog Jim knows over 120 tricks.

"I’m so grateful to work with a coach who wants to win just as much as I do. Matt pours so much time, effort, attention to detail, and passion into helping me become the best I can be. I’m equally excited about the lessons and the personal growth I experience as part of our process. Through strategy talks, workout reflections, and \\conversations with coaches and teammates, I can honestly say I become a better person and a smarter athlete every single day. It’s a long journey, but it is so fulfilling and so much fun because of this amazing team."

Feeroozeh Saghafi

Age: 28 Experience: 10 Years Coach: Matt Torres
  • 2x CrossFit Games (2019, 2020), 2x Semifinals (2021, 2022), 2020 Mayhem Classic 4th Place, CF Games Demo Team 2022

Fun Fact: I began playing the violin and attending Cleveland Orchestra concerts with my dad at 4 years old.

"Choosing team Brute Strength since 2021 has become one of the biggest highlights of my career as a CrossFit athlete. It has finally given me a chance to explore and realize my true mental and physical potential alongside coaches and training partners that have become my close family. We may be individual athletes on the competition floor but we are always a team that fights for one another inside and outside the training walls."

Kelsey Kiel

Age: 31 Experience: 9 Years Coach: El Senouvor
  • 2016/2018/2019/2022 Crossfit Games Team athlete, 2020 *qualified* individual athlete (Covid took invite away), Team USA Bobsled athlete 2020-2021

Fun Fact: I took a 2 year break from competing in Crossfit to race on the USA Bobsled team.

"Having a coach program specifically for ME and believe in me and my abilities has been a complete game changer. El has gotten me to a whole new level of athlete, AND not to mention has turned me into a runner which no one ever saw coming. Grateful for his coaching!"

Matt Poulin

Age: 27 Experience: 4 Years Coach: El Senouvor
  • 2021 West Coast Classic Event Finishes: 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 2022 Syndicate Crown Event Finishes: 2nd, 4th, 5th , 2022 Wodapalooza Event Finishes: 3rd, 5th, 8th

Fun Fact: have a bachelors in Mathematics and a Masters in Business Administration.

"Brute Strength believed and invested in me since our first interaction back in 2021. Not only have they given me all the tools and advice I need in the gym, but they continued to invest in me, which allowed me to leave my job to focus on training full time. Being apart of Brute Strength has changed my training and my life for the better. I am truly grateful for that!"

Mary Beth Prodromides

Age: 59 Experience: 10 Years Coach: Brute Masters
  • 4x CrossFit Games Masters Champion

Fun Fact: I don’t think this will ever change. I love to jump on the hotel bed when I first arrive. It just is such an invigorating feeling to be a little kid again.

“My experience with my Brute Coaches has been excellent. Not only in adding two first places and 1 second from the CrossFit Games but their valued input into my CrossFit skills, mental toughness, mindset, and life journey. It is a great feeling to be valued as an athlete and a human by my Brute coaches.”