Buddy Lee's Jump Rope Guide

Your Guide to Mastering Singles, Doubles, and Triple Unders

Our new E-book by Buddy Lee is the ultimate guide for mastering basic and advanced jump rope techniques. Whether you’re someone who is struggling to get your first double under or clean up your technique and increase your speed, efficiency and work capacity for competition, this guide is exactly what you need to make singles, doubles, and triple-unders second nature.

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The Ultimate Program for Performing High-Level Jump Rope Skills in the Sport of Fitness With Ease

There hasn’t been a more comprehensive jump-rope program on the market that is specifically created for CrossFit athletes. Buddy Lee’s 3-step system gives you a step-by-step progression to increase proficiency and conditioning, build high-level jump rope skills like the double-under and triple-under and apply them at a high-intensity in training and competition.

With instructional videos attached to each skill and drill used in the program, there is no reason why you shouldn’t become one of the top rope skippers in the game.

Test your progress, and compare your results with 10 different baseline charts used to establish baseline scores in the basic bounce, alternate footstep, double-under, and triple-under.

  • A surefire way to gracefully progress from stumbling to swingin’ doubles (and triples) like Buddy
  • Step-by-step progression to learn the basics even if you’ve never jumped before
  • Buddy Lee’s simple 3-step system to take your jump rope game to the next level (this is the foundation of how Buddy became a 1992 US Olympian Wrestler, 10X World Medalist, 20X National Wrestling Champion, 2X Best Marine Athlete and Sports Hall of Famer
  • 3 most common mistakes preventing you from mastering the basics (you can wait months to learn this on your own, or learn it from the master and skip the suffering!)
  • Very simple tactic to find your rhythm during the most intense workouts
  • A commonly overlooked technique that will prepare you for actual rope jumping (this is the same tactic Navy SEALs use before their missions)
  • The simple unforgettable-under-stress little tip that will help you breathe easier
  • Exactly what you need to know about your posture when jumping rope so your back doesn’t ache
  • Two basic skills every athlete should master before tackling double-unders
  • The secret to stringing together big sets of doubles and triples under fatigue
  • Unique workouts designed to increase proficiency in double-unders
  • 9 devastatingly effective variations on the double-under that build capacity
  • The correct way to size your rope and how it can make or break you in a workout (it’s more than just an armpit check!)
  • Exactly where to store your jump rope to prevent it from getting stiff and breaking (this alone is worth the cost of the eBook!)
  • 4 top recommended surfaces for minimizing impact and saving your joints
  • Must-do exercises to reduce muscle tightness and prevent injury
  • The pure magic of the power jump technique
  • Step-by-step process for executing the perfect jump
  • The one best way to master the triple-under
  • The single most violated rule for progressing to triple-unders (Buddy sees this ALL THE TIME)
  • The little-known secret to put an end to painful whip marks
  • 10 important benefits you must know about jumping rope
  • Fool-proof way to breaking bad jump rope habits
  • Vitally important drills to build competence in the double and triple under

Meet Your Coach

Buddy Lee used jump rope as an integral part of his wrestling training and it became the key to his success in developing into a 1992 US Olympian Wrestler, 10X World Medalist, 20X National Wrestling Champion, 2X Best Marine Athlete and Sports Hall of Famer.

Buddy fashioned a worldwide reputation with his incredible jump rope training skills, putting on exhibitions for presidents and world leaders and performed over 6,000 presentations in 60 countries. After his wrestling career, Buddy turned full attention to helping others. He became the Official Jump Rope Conditioning Coach to all Olympic Sports and the Official Olympic Licensed Jump Rope. He created a revolutionary jump rope training system that helps develop superior fitness and improve sports performance for the championship edge.

Today his books and work have earned him world recognition as the leading Jump Rope Authority in fitness and sports conditioning. CrossFit, TRX, 9Round Fitness and the US Government, to name a few, have endorsed his jump rope training system. In 2020, Brute Strength is excited to announce a partnership with Buddy Lee to deliver this e-book on mastering and building safe progressions with Singles, Double and Triple Unders.

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