Life is a Curveball

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I grew up in a baseball home as my father was a very talented left-handed pitcher who was known for his ability to throw a wicked curveball. This post is not intended to focus on the sports of baseball or softball however, I will be using the ever so sought after curveball pitch as a metaphor throughout this entire blog. So let’s dive into what makes up the curveball pitch. First, did you know that the curveball, in the mid-1800s, …

How to Fall in Love With Fear

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Has someone ever sat you down and explained to you that you need to embrace fear and fall in love with it? I know I have had that conversation in the past and immediately I laughed it off and told myself that all I needed to do was simply figure out a way to run away from fear or buck up and overcome it because fear was not real and the best people in sport, business, and life feel no …

Are Your Dreams Still Dreams?

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Remember in my last blog post how I said your dreams do not just have to be dreams? Well, here I am checking in on you. Have you made progress? Did you go full send for 48 hours promising yourself that nothing and no one would get in your way but now you are back to where you started? Did you make a commitment to yourself that you would try the 4 steps provided but got sidetracked and never actually …

Dreams Don’t Just Have to be Dreams

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I think we all have experienced at one time or another what we would call the perfect day. You know the day where all of the stars are aligned and the weather is gorgeous. You slept through the entire night. You wake up and coffee does not get spilled on your shirt. You open your email to see that it is jam-packed with only the best news. You go to the gym and get a PR. You eat your favorite …

Mindset Repetitions and How They Can Help You Respond vs. React

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Let’s not beat around the bush because no one transforms and becomes more mentally strong by doing that. It’s pretty straight forward, you will not become an expert in anything that you desire by simply reading a book, listening to a podcast or watching a show on television. Now these things may help you learn, adopt new philosophies, create motivation and possibly even allow for you to better identify where you need to begin to become an expert but you …

Stay in Your Own Lane

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In an instant, I went from being in the warm-up area to being escorted out onto the competition floor with my teammates with one minute until game time. Then I heard over the big speakers, 3,2,1…GO! Holy cow, it was officially GO TIME on the competition floor at Wodapalooza. Similar to Wodapalooza, in an instant, we as a society, went from our habitual living and gathering by the masses, to hearing over the big speaker (news, media, government, etc.) that …

Belief – The One Thing You Can Be Doing More Of

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If I were to ask you to picture in your mind the most confident version of yourself as a CrossFit athlete, Olympic weightlifter, motivational speaker or parent, how would you describe yourself? Many of you reading this are probably thinking, “I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and thought about this before” and it’s likely that some of you might be imagining yourself with your shoulders back feeling strong, confident and unfazed by the competition. While these descriptions are accurate, …

McGregor and Mindset

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As a mental performance coach, I work with individuals from all walks of life, sport interests, skill levels, you get the picture. I aim to help people not only crush their goals on and off the playing field but also possess the ability to better understand themselves as a whole and truly begin to believe in themselves and appreciate what sets them apart from everyone else.  It is possible that you came across this blog because Conor McGregor’s name was …

Why Your Best Effort Isn’t Enough to Become a Champion

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In an attempt to help athletes reach their highest achievements in sports and health, I’ve found the whole concept of effort to be quite curious. Regularly working on plans and roadmaps with athletes to achieve their goals, and, ultimately, reaching the finish line, I’ve come to believe that intrinsic motivation and desire do not have a place in high-level sports. In fact, I don’t think they even exist. Before you stop reading, let me clarify. I believe that we should …

What Does “All In” Mean For You?

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“All-in” isn’t perfection. It’s not this emoji: 💯 It’s not a perfect score. “All-in” isn’t hitting your PRs or hopping out of bed without a snooze or two. “All-in” is your commitment to keep pushing. Because we all oversleep and overeat. But if you’re “all-in”, you don’t give-in. You get up. “All-in” is your unbreakable drive to keep killin’ it. Live your “all-in” in Austin at the 2018 Brute Athlete Camp Let’s shake on it.