Get to Know the Brutes – Nick Fowler

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Born in Nicaragua, Nick spent time growing up in Argentina as a child then moved to Miami at a pretty young age. His fitness journey started personally as an elite level climber setting numerous world records on the mountain face of “El Cap”. Nick became frustrated with his own fitness as a climber as he was starting to come up against physical limitations. He started studying and doing personal research from the likes of Charles Poliquin and was truly intrigued …

Working in Before Working Out

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I love to lift weights.   I love to sweat and find that ‘second wind’ in a workout, proving time and time again to myself that I can meet and sometimes surpass my own expectations.   Why Do We Do It?   Whether you’re a competitor or not, we’ve all experienced the clarity and confidence that comes from lifting a heavy barbell or nailing a workout in the gym.   “Balance” is another word thrown around a lot – this …

Get to Know the Brutes – Adrian Conway

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Adrian is originally from a small town in Pennsylvania called Mill Creek.  Adrian grew up with a split family since he was three years old which means he grew up having two families. One family was in the town of Mill Creek in central Pennsylvania and the other side of his family was a military based family in the Air Force. His stepdad and mom were stationed all throughout the country. Adrian would alternate years between both families spending the …

The Gears of the Gymnastics Motor: Static Positioning

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One of the most emphasized aspects of artistic gymnastics is one of the most widely overlooked in competitive fitness gymnastics, and that is static body positioning. In gymnastics there are descriptive terms for a variety of common positions of the core, arms and legs including: arch, hollow, tuck, pike, straddle, stalder, lunge, ‘puck’, ‘cowboy’, blocked out, lever, planche, plank, pressed out, etc. All of these terms and innumerable other variations are combined to create common body positions. These positions form the building blocks of gymnastics skill and successful manipulation of the body in space.

The Mamba Mentality Lives On

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 (This post is dedicated to Pilot Kurt Deetz, Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Sarah Chester, Peyton Chester) This one is going to hurt in one way or another and not just for one day, one week, or one month but most likely for a lifetime. I have started and stopped writing this piece of work more than fifteen times at least. I continue to find myself wondering if I eventually am going to …

Recovery Tools Metabolic Waste

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There’s a lot of strategies out there to eliminate metabolic waste after training. After competition, it’s one of the things that should be on the forefront of your mind for sure. When we talk about metabolic waste, we’re talking about burning sugars during high-intensity exercise…maybe it’s creatine phosphate, or maybe we’re taking glucose from our liver and our muscles and we’re converting the lactate into fuel. Whatever that might be, the byproduct is, in a way systemic, right? It’s in …

Training vs. Testing

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A New Age of Programming From a high-level competitor’s perspective, the days of sprinkling in some skill and strength work pre-WOD and going HAM until you’re puking out the overnight oats you ate for breakfast are long gone. Our sport is quickly evolving as the years go by, and so has the preparation necessary to qualify for the big competition events. What seemed like simply throwing a bunch of random workouts on a whiteboard has thoughtfully progressed into a masterful …

Traveling and Working Out

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On The Road & Still On Point Whether for business or for pleasure, staying accountable can be tough when you’re on the move. But with a little bit of planning, you can minimize your slip-ups, or eliminate them all together. First, consider your flight time. It could be worth shelling out the extra Jackson or two to skip the redeye. Something as simple as shorting your sleep schedule can really throw off your routine. Second, scope out your spot. Check …

Why Your Best Effort Isn’t Enough to Become a Champion

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In an attempt to help athletes reach their highest achievements in sports and health, I’ve found the whole concept of effort to be quite curious. Regularly working on plans and roadmaps with athletes to achieve their goals, and, ultimately, reaching the finish line, I’ve come to believe that intrinsic motivation and desire do not have a place in high-level sports. In fact, I don’t think they even exist. Before you stop reading, let me clarify. I believe that we should …