Fittest In Cape Town Online Qualifier Workouts 1, 2, & 3

Brought to you by Games Athlete and Brute Coach George Sanchez

First things first; make sure you take a good look at the web page and all of the specifics and requirements for this qualifier. I really enjoy how strict and in-depth the FICT team went with putting their event on this year. Here’s the link to the general page, but make sure you navigate through and look into each workout as well:

Workout 1

15min AMRAP:

50 Calorie Row
10 Burpee Over The Rower
40 Wall Balls, (Women: 14lbs to 9”, Men: 20lbs to 10” – accepted minimum: 6/9kg to 275/305cm)
10 Burpee Over The Rower
30 Deadlifts, (Women: 95lbs, Men: 135lbs – accepted minimum: 43/61kg)
10 Burpee Over The Rower
20 Handstand Push Ups

10 Burpee Over The Rower
10 Thrusters, (Women: 95lbs, Men: 135lbs – accepted minimum: 43/61kg)

10 Burpee Over The Rower
SCORE: Score is Total Repetitions.
TIEBREAKER: Time after LAST completed set of 10 Burpees

Breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed

-15 minutes

-C2 Rower, Medball, barbell, plates, clips, tape for HSPU measurements

Pacing advice:

You’re going to need to hit a very thorough warm-up for this workout as you’re about to catch the entire kitchen sink here. There is a lot of push/pull going on in this workout so make sure you are prepping for this early. For elite athletes, prepare to get uncomfortable and stay there for a while because none of these weights or movements will be significant enough to hold you back. If you don’t consider yourself in that field, I would still prepare for things to start to get dicey toward the end of your first round.. Yes, if you have decent HSPU I would be thinking about how deep you could get into that second round before your 15 minutes is up. My personal thoughts for this workout is to attack in those places where you feel comfortable and break up reps early and often in the places you don’t. If you feel confident in all of these movements, then it will be about your capacity to ride a threshold for 15 minutes. If you know that ‘longer’ CrossFit style workouts are not your jam, then we need to consider more of a 85% pace for at least the first 10 minutes of this thing before you start to put the pedal down. As always, focus on what limiters you might have here and create a plan or two on how you will be ready for them when you get there. Besides those HSPU and a few mod-heavy thrusters, this workout will demand you to push hard for 15 minutes if you want to find yourself at the top of the leaderboard.

Camera setup:

Follow the exact set up listed on the page. Link can be found here:

HSPU standard is a little different than what we’ve seen but completely reasonable.. will it catch on?

Limiters/ sticking points:

Pacing for the specific time domain

-HSPU and Thrusters in the first round will begin the real separation in athletes and continue through the rest of the workout


Yes. 1-2 day separation between attempts depending on the athletes ability to recover in those days.

Workout 2

7min AMRAP:

5 Toes To Bar
4 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
3 Hang Squat Cleans (Women: 105lbs, Men: 155lbs – accepted minimum: 48/70kg)
2 Front Squats (Women: 105lbs, Men: 155lbs – accepted minimum: 48/70kg)
1 Shoulder To Over Head (Women: 105lbs, Men: 155lbs – accepted minimum: 48/70kg)

SCORE: Score is Total Repetitions.
TIEBREAKER: There is NO tiebreaker in this Q-WOD.

Breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed:

7 minutes, pull-up bar, barbell, plates, clips

Pacing advice:

What a fun workout! This is that time domain we all love to hate in the sport as it demands an aggressive pace and willingness to quickly move from movement to movement. My initial thoughts on this workout is grip fatigue and a burn that just won’t stop; lungs, legs, and forearms will be tested and it’s up to you to manage that fatigue and uphold a tempo that looks very similar from beginning ‘til the end. It will be tempting to want to do all the ttb and c2b without coming off of the bar, but unless you know you’re a ninja then I wouldn’t take the chance here. It’s not worth getting 3 minutes into this thing and feeling the need to take multiple sets to complete each respective movement on the rig. Come off the bar after the TTB, take a step back, then get right back to work. A quick break for your grip will go a long way here. It will also be very easy to come out too hot on the first set especially on that barbell, so make sure you’re aware of this and flowing through this to the best of YOUR ability. I would compare the barbell cycling on this workout to that of the Hero workout “DT”. If you know you can cycle that bar well, then every time you put that bar on your shoulders you should be committing to completing the shoulder to overhead before putting it down. If this weight is challenging or you know will be tough to squat in the later rounds, then perhaps you think about breaking after your first front squat so that you’re not needing to clean that bar any more than you have to. Again, you’re going to have to play off of your limiters and address them appropriately but on this workout you really have to find a way to keep moving for the entire 7 minutes. If you find yourself bent over staring at either bar remember that your competition is passing you.

Camera setup:

Follow the exact instructions on their web page for this. Link can be found here:

Limiters/ sticking points:

grip fatigue

-time under tension on barbell

-pacing through 2-6 minutes in this workout


Yes, plenty of time to get this one done again. I would take at least one day of rest to make sure you’re ready to go full tilt again.

Workout 3A:

2 Rounds for Time:
– 21 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (Women: 35lbs, Men: 50lbs – – accepted minimum: 15/22.5kg)
– 150 Double Unders
– 9 Ring Muscle Ups
[12min CAP]

SCORE: Score is Total Working Time.
TIEBREAKER: Time after LAST completed set of 150 Double Unders will decide the athletes tiebreaker in case of more than one athlete ending up with the same score for Q-WOD 3A.

Workout 3B:

– in whatever time is left on the 14min Timer, For Max Load:
– 1RM Snatch.
SCORE: Score is load in LBS.
TIEBREAKER: There is NO Tiebreaker for this part.

Breakdown: Time, Length, Equipment needed:

14 min time cap for both parts. 12min cap for 3A and at least 2min for 3B. I’m estimating times for 3A to be as low as 5:30..

Pacing advice:

This will be dicey! Precision and finesse is the name of the game on this final workout. I believe most athletes will cruise through the db snatches in both rounds, but the double unders and muscle ups will challenge the elites to be precise and the rest to be very particular about breaking up the movements to match their capacity in both the double under and the muscle up. If you know the capacity is there to in the double unders and muscle ups then this workout may look like a full send to you as you’ll want and have plenty of time to find your 1RM in part B. If you know you struggle with double unders, then let’s make a plan to take planned breaks every x amount of reps to keep your rhythm and breathing in check. This might look like sets of 50, or descending sets like 60/50/40… etc. Muscle ups are a little different story as many elites will be able to do these UB in both rounds. If that’s not you and you some can only get 1-2 at a time then it will be a great idea to know exactly how long you will be resting between those reps. If you’re somewhere in the middle, just make sure you don’t try to go UB on that first set if your max set of muscle ups isn’t 15+. Come off those rings in a controlled manner so you don’t stand there watching them swing and make every set count!

Depending on how much time you end up with for part B you will need to have a plan to hit at least 2 snatch weights you are confident you can hit, then swing for the fences. A good rule of thumb here is to open somewhere between 70-80% of your 1RM and build from there. Ideally you would make at least 3 attempts in this final block. Be patient, make your first attempt in the most focused and efficient way possible and bring intensity to every single lift. Last one here, time to go out big!

Camera setup:

Follow the exact instructions on their web page for this. Link can be found here:

Limiters/ sticking points:

-double under and muscle up capacity and efficiency

-mental focus for every single rep

-planning for snatch weights with unknown amount of time


Yes, plenty of time to get this one done again. I would take at least 2 days to make sure you’re ready to go full tilt again.

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