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You’re about to gain a strong pair of wheels!

For what though? To cross a couple of lifting milestones off your bucket list? Great! This standalone squat cycle is sure to help your snatch, clean and jerk, and even slower lifts like the back squat and deadlift.

But if you’re looking to build strength to be more competitive in the sport of CrossFit, you have to ask yourself a VERY IMPORTANT question. How this is going to fit in with your training, and how will it affect all the other skills you need to work on in order to dominate your competitors.

If you can answer this question with confidence, then we’re excited to see how the template works for you.

If you’re not quite sure, then no worries, you’re in the right place.

Brute Compete is thoughtfully designed by our team of expert coaches to target your individual weaknesses with a comprehensive program.

That means your endurance work, gymnastics, strength training, and metabolic conditioning is laid out in a way for you to pick and choose exactly what you should be prioritizing in order to see maximum results while avoiding injury or burnout.

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