10 Things Mentally Tough Athletes Don’t Do With JUSTIN SU'A

Justin Su’a is a Mental Performance Coach and conducts mental skills training for elite athletes and coaches in the NFL, MLB, NCAA, CrossFit, and Olympics. He currently works with the Tampa Rays, Cleveland Browns, and was the Mental Skills Coordinator for the 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.


60-Minute Online Webinar

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At Brute, we believe that your mind is just as malleable as your muscles. So like you train your body in the gym, you should also be training your brain.

In this exclusive seminar, Justin Su’a will help you learn how to lay the foundation for building a better brain.

Here’s what he’ll be covering:

  • How understanding the function of the brain can enhance your ability to build it right.
  • Basic principles on thoughts and how they affect our emotions, our bodies and, ultimately, our performance.
  • Specific strategies you can practice every single day to build a more powerful mindset.
  • The same tactics used by the pro athletes he coaches, including Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Brooke Ence and Kara Saunders.

Start deliberately working on your mental game and watch how it affects your performance in the gym — and in life.