Brute Strength has teamed up with Justin Su'a, the Mental Skills Coach for the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Browns, to create this 10-minute exercise that will help you perform at the highest level possible.

The Open is here and you've prepped for hours and hours (and hours) to crush it during these 5 weeks.

But guess what? It doesn't matter how much you've prepared if your mind isn't ready.

To compete at your best you've got to spend time training the most powerful “muscle” in your body— your brain.

This 10-minute daily exercise has 3 parts:


Mindfulness Meditation – Learn how to use your breathing to relax your body, release tension and bring awareness to different body parts.


Visualize – Program your mind for success, by seeing yourself executing every movement with precision and power.


Affirmation – Strengthen your beliefs and ability to perform by strengthening your self-talk.

If you want to do your absolute best in the Open and other competitions, then practice this exercise every day.

In just 10 minutes, you'll create the mindset that will allow your body to do what you've trained it to do.