10 of the Biggest Things That People Can Do to Be More Consistent With Their Diet

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With my wife Adee Cazayoux (@adeecazayoux) of Working Against Gravity. The show’s that I have done with Adee have been some of my most popular show’s and nutrition has been one of the most popular topics, so I will be doing monthly shows with Adee. She has helped so many people transform their lives by dialing in their nutrition. Adee says that the good program you follow is better than the perfect program you don’t. Consistency is really the key. Today we will be talking about 10 of the biggest things people can do to be more consistent in their diet.

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Topics of discussion:

[01:53] How consistency always leads to progress

[03:35] The first confidence-building consistency may not be your ultimate goal

[04:35] How making the bed every morning starts the day with integrity

[05:07] #1 Use any type of tracking app or food journal

[07:14] #2 Eating vegetables or protein in every meal one or the other

[09:34] #3 Tracking only one of the macronutrients

[10:07] #4 Eating high starch carbohydrates only pre and post workout

[11:22] #5 Only have one treat a day make this non-negotiable

[13:20] #6 Another option is to only have treats on workout days

[13:58] #7 Have a predetermined lunch ready for the day

[16:08] #8 Practice saying no when unexpected food is offered to you

[19:30] #9 Drink more water throughout the day

[20:52] #10 Be consistent by being accountable to somebody

[21:36] Having conversations about fitness and nutrition

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