10x your recovery with the science of perfect sleep w/ Dr. Allison Brager

Episode 61Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I interview 2013 CrossFit Games; Teams Athlete, Neuroscientist and Sleep & Recovery researcher, Dr. Allison Brager (@docjockzzz). We’re here to talk about the benefits of sleep and recovery for elite athletes, “Wim Hof” breathing, what your DNA/ genotype says about you, and why you should be sleeping naked. We’ve got a ton of information in this one that will help you not only recover better, but ultimately train better. Be sure to check out Allison’s book below!

Topics of discussion:

[1:38] Allison’s background

[7:11] Two stages of sleep and their effects on recovery

[10:45] Optimal sleep; quantity vs. quality

[12:33] Sleep deprivation, Genotypes and more on what your DNA can tell you
23andMe – DNA Testing/ genotype
DNAFit – DNA Testing for Fitness & Diet

[17:47] How to get the best night of sleep & forming good sleep habits

[20:05] The science behind the “Sleep Cycle” App

[23:27] Meditation & “Wim Hof” breathing

[25:35] Thoughts on polyphasic sleep

[27:45] Thoughts/ research on naps

[30:12] Effects of alcohol & marijuana on sleep

[38:24] The future of sleep technology

Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain by Allison Brager