6 Steps to Personal Development ft. Adee Cazayoux

Episode 171Brute Strength


Adee Cazayoux, founder of Working Against Gravity, makes her third appearance on the Brute Podcast this week to talk about personal development. In this episode, Adee talks about building courage, maintaining accountability and what it means to develop yourself from within. Listen along and get an honest look at self-improvement with her six questions to make you think, break out of the ordinary cycle and reach the next level in life.

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01:10 – What is personal development?

09:25 – Myths of personal development

21:50 – How to build courage & accountability

28:40 – Integrity made simple  

38:25 – Tips for developing yourself

47:00 – Building self-awareness

51:15 – Six questions to find your next breakthrough


Working Against Gravity

Adee Cazayoux

Michael Cazayoux


Daring Greatly – Brene Brown


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