A Paradigm Shift in How We Look at Mobility with Active Life RX

Episode 4Brute Strength


I don’t know if I would say my mind was blown by the information I’ve learned from Sean and Jeremy because these are things I’ve suspected for years but not been able to articulate or wrap my head around completely.

The discussion revolves around a central problem: We spend way too much damn time on mobility work and injury prevention… period. If this made our issues go away that would be one thing, but they don’t. We spend 30-60 minutes every day just getting ready to train. That is not ok. Why aren’t we having lasting results?

Sean and Jeremy own a company called Active Life RX that focuses on just that – Lasting Results. In the interview they discuss a whole new way of looking at mobility work, or at least the traditional sense of it. We also talk about how this translates into improved performance.