Achieving A Healthy Body Image and Demanding Greater Self-Discipline With Emily Duncan

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This week’s guest is Emily Duncan. Emily is an NPC certified bodybuilder, certified sports nutritionist, a kinesiology student, a athlete, and also just a “normal human being.” In our conversation, we go into depth about body image issues and what that means for her in a sport that judges solely on subjective measures. We also talk about the balance of living a happy and fulfilled life while trying to achieve great things. Emily is super insightful and one of the most thought-provoking guests I’ve had on the show yet. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:42] Introducing Emily Duncan, her sport, and the dreams that started her career.

[6:18] The “girly” approach to heavy weightlifting and strength training.

[11:04] The fun side of training that makes it easier to reach your goals.

[12:44] Which is most important — diet, consistency, or program?

[16:35] All about Emily’s relationship with her body.

[21:40] Lessons learned from battling body image.

[26:18] Coping with placing your athletic identity in bodybuilding.

[32:17] How being in the spotlight has affected Emily.

[38:28] Emily’s role model, who happens to be her best friend, and what she teaches.

[42:35] The mental state that brings the most value to Emily’s game.

[47:08] Developing greater discipline can start at any age.

[53:02] How Emily has successfully built a personal brand around fitness.


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