Angelo DiCicco: From a Career-Ending Injury to the Competition Floor

Episode 014Brute Strength


We’re joined by CrossFit Games athlete Angelo DiCicco. DiCicco is a Cookeville, TN native that started his career under the guidance of Rich Froning. He proceeded to dominate the teenage division at the Crossfit Games taking 2 first-place finishes and a third. Unfortunately, as he aged out, his reign came to a swift and painful end when he suffered a back injury that left him defeated. This ultimately led to DiCicco walking away from competitive CrossFit until Froning asked him to be an alternate for the CrossFit Mayhem team for the 2021 season. Little did he know this would be the catalyst to an unforgettable season as he unexpectedly and narrowly missed out on qualifying for the 2021 CrossFit Games.

9:40 How depression helped James find himself and CrossFit

15:45 What should have been a career-ending injury 

19:37 “Going into the season I wasn’t going to compete”

37:50 The Newest Training Camp

43:23 “The weirdest normalized thing” we do as humans 

50:00 The controversial “no rep”


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