Avoiding the “Tools” That Are Actually Limiting Your Performance Potential with Dr. Andy Galpin

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I’m joined today by Dr. Andy Galpin, author and professor at the Center for Sport Performance at CSU Fullerton. He’s here to discuss his new book Unplugged: Evolve From Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance & Consciousness. We explore how to overcome reliance on technology, including wearables and apps on your phone. We talk about what flow state is, and how to get into it, as well as the physiological response of getting into nature. Whether you’re someone who wants to perform at an elite level, just wants to do better in the gym, or you are looking for ways to live a happier, more present life, you’ll find your answers in this podcast. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:42] How Andy decided to write about unplugging from technology.

[4:06] There is no such thing as optimization — focus on this instead.

[11:06] Technology is most effective when you calibrate it to your body.

[16:00] Flow state and the things that are keeping you from getting in the zone.

[19:32] Controlling the variables that influence the effectiveness of your workout.

[28:10] The ideal approach to injury for non-competing athletes.

[33:01] Do you own a Fitbit? Listen to this.

[41:00] How taking videos of your workouts is getting in the way of reaching your goals.

[50:04] The physiological benefits of getting into nature.

[54:24] Why you still need to play, even at the gym.


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