Being an elite coach and athlete with Dusty Hyland

Episode 22Brute Strength


This week I interviewed a good friend and former coach of mine Dusty Hyland. He needs no introduction. Plain and simple he is one of the very best, and it shows in his athlete’s performances.

We start the show off by talking about his experience balancing coaching and competing at the same time. This year he competed as a masters athlete then immediately after began coaching his athletes.

We talk about programming and he shares the top 3 things that most coaches are failing to put in their programs.

We talk a lot about the mental approach to the sport of fitness and some specific, some not so specific, ways of improving your mental game or your athletes mental game.

He also gives a book recommendation at the very end, written by the strength and conditioning coach of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant called “Relentless.” I ordered it as we were on the podcast. Check it out.

Finally, I’ll apologize beforehand for the audio quality. This was my first Skype interview, and the quality is a little choppy. I promise this will improve. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the show.

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