Believe It’s Possible And Make It Happen — Getting To The Games With George Sanchez

Episode 129Brute Strength


I’m joined this week by Brute athlete George Sanchez. He’s one of the most inspiring people I know because he didn’t find immediate or easy success as an athlete. He had a vision of making it to the games and he made it happen. He went from 81st place his first year in the open to 21st place just two years later. We’re talking mindset, experiences he’s had along the way, and his idea that the way you do anything is the way you do everything. George is a very thoughtful athlete and I know you’ll gain a lot from our conversation. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:14] Introducing George Sanchez, average Joe turned Brute Strength powerhouse.

[4:34] Know your strengths to predict your success in competition.

[10:12] Details of the weekend leading up to the final workout.

[16:24] Overcoming negative self-talk and refusing to underperform.

[24:58] How and why George joined the Brute Strength team.

[29:30] The level of attention and intention that makes George a stand-out athlete.

[35:45] The moment George started to believe he could make it to the games.

[38:58] The standards and rituals of a high-performing professional athlete.

[45:13] Trusting yourself — the mindset shift that makes all the difference.

[51:34] All about the Assault Banger Workout.

[58:26] Lessons learned from the games.

[1:03:21] Creating opportunities for success for yourself.

[1:05:07] Connecting with George.


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