Beyond Macros ft. The Grocery Ninja Matt Walrath

Episode 176Brute Strength

Ever wonder what it takes to be coined with a name like the Grocery Ninja? Matt Walrath, the man behind the nickname, and his company Beyond Macros have helped hundreds of clients transform into stronger, more confident versions of themselves.

In this episode, Matt gets real about why most diets fail, how to build a better relationship with food, his advice on nutrition and macros, and why seeing your friends naked can be one of the most freeing experiences in your life. You won’t want to miss this one.


01:55 – How to be vulnerable

13:40 – “Beyond Macros”

16:00 – Why do diets fail?

24:30 – Life coaching

34:35 – The naked truth

46:40 – The art of storytelling


Beyond Macros




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