Bobby Maximus on Sport Pysch, Work Capacity and More

Episode 9Brute Strength


I met Rob McDonald (Bobby Maximus) in 2011 as he programmed for our team the first year I went to the Crossfit Games. He also trained two individuals that year, Tommy Hackenbruck and Taylor Richards-Lindsey. We were a hard working group if nothing else. However, when Rob would show up to train us on occasion, I remember thinking that every workout was the hardest one I’d ever done. He communicates with athletes in a way that pushes them to their limits, and he is good at finding each person’s buttons.

Before accepting a job at Gym Jones, he fought in the UFC in the Light Heavyweight Division. At Gym Jones he is the general manager, and it is there that he has worked with NFL players, professional climbers and skiers, and many more. Physically, this guy is an absolute freak. He can bench 315 for a set of 20, back squats close to 500 – and his strength isn’t even his strong suit.

His strong suit is his engine. He has done some ridiculous things on an airdyne. He has biked for 88 calories in 1 minute, and 900 in 30 minutes!!!!! If a guy can get 300 in 10 minutes, he is considered to be in great, great shape. To do that 3 times in a row is unbelievable.

Enjoy the show.