Body Transformation, Goal Setting, and Building Integrity

Episode 23Brute Strength


This week I interviewed the host of ABC’s TV show Extreme Weight Loss Chris Powell. I met Chris a little over a year ago and have been inspired by him in so many ways. We come from similar backgrounds having struggled with substance abuse and addiction. His story of crawling out of his own rock bottom and going on to change millions of lives is absolutely incredible.

Chris and his wife Heidi have helped over 70 individuals lose between 150-300 lbs each in the span of a year on the show. He shares on this podcast what makes these people so successful and how each and every one of us can borrow some of that wisdom to better our own lives and accomplish any goal we have.

We talk a lot about integrity in one’s self and how that can be built, brick by brick.

He also talk about two of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight or accomplish a goal in general.

This is one of the heavier ones, but it’s very powerful. I hope you enjoy the show.

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