Building Better Affiliates ft. Pat Barber – Ep.79

Episode 79Brute Strength


On this episode of the Brute Strength Podcast I’m bringing back an old guest, Pat Barber, to talk about affiliate ownership and how to be a better human being. In this episode we’ll be focusing on how to incorporate outside services into your gym, building a community, as well as diving into Pat’s family life and learning why he speaks to his kids like adults. Tune in for more great stuff, enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[1:36] How to incorporate outside services into your gym

[9:16] The Anti-Bet

[13:40] What are the best gyms doing?

[17:30] Changing how your learn

[22:10] Kolbe A. Test

[23:40] Mistakes made by gym owners

[25:08] Building a community in your gym

[32:17] “A little bit of planning goes a long way”

[35:40] Staying present in a busy world

[45:01] Being a husband

[50:30] Masculinity

[58:25] Parenting


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