Bulletproof Your Body and PR All Your lifts with Julien Pineau of Strongfit

Episode 33Brute Strength


In order to be the best, you should be trained by the best. Julien Pineau, owner of StrongFit and coach to all Crossfit Invictus athletes, has been involved with sports his entire life. At the age of 10 he was already playing soccer on a National level, and by 18 he found MMA and started his coaching career. He’s a movement specialist trained to visualize and correct proper human movement patterns, no matter what sport you come from. Every sport has its deficiencies, even Crossfit. So in other words Julien is the guy who can teach you how to fix these asymmetries and imbalances and avoid some of the most common injuries suffered by Crossfiters. What’s his secret? HINT: Balance — I could try to explain this to you myself but it sounds a hell of a lot better with a French accent, enjoy!

Topics of interest:

  • [9:45] Principles VS. Methods
  • [13:00] Balance
  • [14:00] Increasing performance through “stress” & how to reach Balance/ Homeostasis
  • [15:00] Deficiencies in Crossfit training & Training all planes of motion – Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse
  • [16:00] Common deficiencies / imbalances in Crossfitters and Olympic lifters
  • [17:30] Why are more and more Crossfitters experiencing shoulder problems?
  • [19:10] Exercises and movements that can help reduce asymmetries – The “squat” of the upper body
  • [21:26] Functional Range Conditioning
  • [24:45] What is Hinging and why is it so important to sports and fitness?
  • [27:27] How to establish proper Hinge movement
  • [32:45] FIX THE HINGE!
  • [37:18] How you should be training your anaerobic system – Low skills, low eccentric
  • [44:00] Be smart about how you build intensity
  • [47:30] Controlling intensity – It’s not what you do, but HOW you do it