Burning Man: Our Story on Personal Growth and Enlightenment

Episode 175Brute Strength


When Adee and Michael Cazayoux team up for anything, you know the outcome is going to be epic. This week’s Brute Strength Podcast is no exception, as Adee Cazayoux is back to focus on personal development and relationship advice with her husband and our host, Michael Cazayoux.

Together, they’ll share stories about their first experience at Burning Man, delve into expectations and reality, personal breakthroughs, and getting naked with 500+ people. Listen now to learn their biggest takeaways and how they’ve already begun implementing them into their daily lives.


03:00 – Burning Man: expectation vs. reality

12:25 – What we learned

16:20 – Opening ceremony & intention

29:00 – Personal breakthroughs

46:30 – Lessons on relationships


Stealing Fire – Kotler


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