Champions are built in the mind first with Ben Bergeron

Episode 34Brute Strength


What do Mat Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir have in common? That’s right, Ben Bergeron. Whether you are an athlete trying to get to The Games or an affiliate owner trying to change lives and improve your community, Ben is the guy you want to be learning from. Join me as we learn about Ben’s coaching philosophy, programming, and his constant pursuit of excellence both in and outside of the gym.

After this episode you’re going to want to head over to CompTrain and Business of Excellence. Trust me, you’ll be upset you didn’t find these gems sooner.

Topics of discussion:

  • [2:40] “Putting first things first”
  • [4:08] Urgency VS. Importance / How to structure your day, tasks, responsibilities…etc.
  • [10:45] Mat Fraser after the 2015 Crossfit Games
  • [13:55] What do you expect from Games athletes?
  • [14:45] “Work:Recovery” Ratio
  • [15:58] Recovery methods: The “oil change” for the body, Normatec, Flossing… and more.
  • [17:25] HRV “Heart Rate Variability”, Monitoring workouts, Calculating rest days, Assessments, etc.
  • [22:20] Katrin Davidsdottir before & after Ben Bergeron
  • [24:03] Recommendations/ Resources for athletes
  • [26:50] Mistakes in your training that could be holding you back
  • [27:22] Training for The Open VS. training for Regionals
  • [33:48] Ben’s motto for Fitness & Health