Coach Tommy Moffitt: Best Strength Coach in the World and The Ultimate Motivator

Episode 3Brute Strength


I grew up watching LSU football and being one of those “overly passionate” SEC fans. So I heard Coach Moffitt’s war cry on hype videos all growing up. It wasn’t until just last year that I got a chance to work with him and the rest of his strength and conditioning staff.

He is one of the most studied men I’ve ever met in any discipline, and especially sports performance. He is also one of the most caring men I’ve met when it comes to his athletes. The combination of these two creates the highest “buy-in” factor I’ve ever seen in a weight room, which many coaches know is the most important aspect of coaching.

Obviously we go into some specifics about the LSU program, about sports performance, etc. We also talk about how to become a better motivator and why that is important. You are going to love this show.