Coaching Coaches: The Unofficial Guide to Mastery

Episode 160Brute Strength


James FitzGerald is a CrossFit OG. In 2007, James won the first ever CrossFit Games championship as an individual. Since then, he founded OPEX fitness and his impact in the fitness community has continued to grow. Aside from being an incredible athlete, James has entered the realm of coaching to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC).

In this episode, James reveals some of his inspirations and mentors as a coach, mastering the art of program design, bodybuilding and CrossFit.

Topics: 02:23 – Teach, learn, move, create
11:15 – Mastery
17:35 – Charles Poliquin
20:18 – Hierarchy of needs for coaches
24:09 – CrossFit & bodybuilding
29:45 – Common mistakes in programing
40:02 – Thoughts on Mat Fraser and his career so far
44:25 – The importance of rituals
47:40 – Practice what you preach!
52:00 – Characteristics of a good coach

Honorable mentions:

Mel Siff
Charles Poliquin
Ian King
Louie Simmons



How To Eat, Move, and Be Healthy – Chek


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