Conquering Nerves and Taking Action For A Badass Life with Christmas Abbott

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I’m back this week with Christmas Abbott. She’s been a guest here on the Brute Strength Podcast before, and today we’re talking about getting off your butt and getting things done. From creating your passion and finding your purpose to tips on taking action even when you’re feeling extremely uncomfortable, we’re talking about keys to success and finding happiness in life. Christmas has some inspiring ideas and awesome mantras that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:28] The importance of service and recognizing that you’re not the center of the universe.

[6:55] Taking action moves you forward — no confidence required.

[11:50] Find purpose in your life through exploration.

[14:33] Crafting and delivering a powerful message.

[22:00] Begin with the end in mind.

[23:42] How to overcome nerves before speaking or performing.

[25:28] Pressure is a privilege?

[28:39] Christmas’s biggest mental breakthrough this year.

[31:18] Life isn’t just about work — or training.

[37:17] Dealing with negativity on social media.

[41:41] Encouragement for her younger self and Christmas’s current role models.

[44:58] All about Christmas’s Badass new book.


Christmas Abbott

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Christmas Abbott

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