Creating a 5-Star Experience ft. Eric Allen & Brendan Rice

Episode 235Brute Strength


This one is for all you gym owners, business owners, and entrepreneurs out there.

This week we have Wodify’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Eric Allen and Brendan Rice joining the show.

These guys have probably talked to more gym owners than anyone else on the planet. They’ve gone from being laughed out of rooms, to changing the entire CrossFit industry. Whether it comes to operating a successful gym, or even building a kick-ass working culture, these guys have some stories to tell.

In this episode we go over the value of buying back your time so that you can focus on whats important for your business, creating a 5-star experience for clients and customers, marketing tips, and when you should vs. when you shouldn’t listen to your customers.


03:20 – “How we started…”

15:30 – Marketing tactics

24:00 – Feedback loops

42:00 – Culture is king

53:00 – Importance of core values

62:30 – Working towards the same vision

74:00 – Killing a project


Wodify – Premier gym management platform

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