Creating An Unforgettable Experience ft. Baya Voce

Episode 236Brute Strength


Welcome back to another episode of the Brute Strength Podcast.

This week’s guest is in a league of her own. Baya Voce was on the 2009 cast of Real World Brooklyn and she even has her own TedTalk on ‘the simple cure for loneliness’ which got over four million views.

In this episode, Baya shares her secrets on designing experiences, what it means to think in “moments”, and how to make events more memorable. Amidst the COVID pandemic, more than ever before, people are missing social interaction. Whether you’re hosting virtual business meetings, or throwing someone a surprise birthday party, Baya offers her tips on how to turn and ordinary event into an amazing experience, and ultimately creating a more meaningful connection with your spouse, customers, or employees.


14:50 – Creating peak experiences

19:40 – Connecting through rituals

32:30 – What makes events memorable

34:20 – Peak emotional anchors

47:50 – Creating virtual experiences

62:20 – Event audits

64:40 – Creating connection through social distancing



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