Creating value in your life and business ft. Aaron Hinde of FitAid

Episode 58Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I interview Aaron Hinde (@aaronhinde), Co-creator of FitAid. This episode is all about taking risks, following your passion, and starting a successful business. As you’ll hear, Aaron started off as a successful Chiropractor who eventually took a leap of faith and started FitAid and turned it into what it is today. This episode contains tons of tips and advice for gym owners and business owners trying to reach the next level. We will be getting into effective leadership, creating value for others, the power of thinking big, and a few things that Aaron has done to guide himself through tough times and creating lifelong customers.


LIFEAID Beverage Company

Topics of discussion:

[1:15] Burning Man

[4:57] Life before FitAid

[10:00] Mobility, Staying healthy, Training smart

[14:15] Taking the jump; leaving Chiropractic practice and starting FitAid

[20:04] Power of thinking big

[21:28] Filtering opportunities; how to choose the right opportunity for you

[24:30] Fear of failure and guiding yourself through tough times

[27:28] Effective leadership

[33:59] How to create lifelong customers

[39:45] Creating value, using metrics to grow your gym/ business, Direct Marketing resources
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[49:58] Last message for listeners