CrossFit Media Dismantled ft. Tommy Marquez

Episode 223Brute Strength


The man, the myth, the legend, Tommy Marquez, aka T-Mommy is back on the Brute Podcast for the second time this week.

As a former member of the CrossFit Media staff, Tommy joins us to share his side of the story behind all of the sudden layoffs that took place late 2018 that shook the sport into a new


In this episode Tommy shares some personal stories including almost losing his engagement ring on the side of a mountain, CrossFit Games recap, where he believes the sport is heading, and of course, what really happened behind the scenes during all of the layoffs at CrossFit HQ, you don’t want to miss this one!


12:30 – Tying the knot

25:35 – Mistakes & lessons in a relationship

33:00 – First changes in CrossFit HQ

55:40 – Working on new projects

70:35 – Recap of 2019 Games


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