CrossFit Rivalries, Early 2021 Podium Picks, Trash Talk & More

Episode 002Brute Strength


Ready for the 2021 CrossFit Games season to unfold? We know we are. 

In today’s special Bonus Episode, Micah Shoemaker is joined by former CrossFit Games Athletes, Dex Hopkins & Joey Tortora to discuss all things CrossFit. The boys get nostalgic as they reminisce on the good ole days of going head to head in the CrossFit Games arena. Today’s episode may, or may not involve a little friendly trash talk. You’ll have to tune in to find out.

5:52 The Heated Rivalry between Dex and Joey 

8:48 The Infamous Story of the 2019, 5th place Games finishers, the Central Beasts

15:13 COVID’s impact on the ‘20 Games Season

23:50 What the guys are looking forward to most in this year’s Semi-Finals

29:04 This year’s biggest upset?

44:20 2021 CrossFit Games podium predictions


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