Culture Wins Championships

Episode 24Brute Strength


This week I interviewed someone that I look up to very highly in the strength and conditioning community, Coach Matt Shadeed of Arkansas State University.
I met coach about a year and a half ago as I took a road trip to ASU, and within 48 hours of being there was blown away by his presence in the weight room and general knowledge of athletic development.

He’s a “culture guy.” He believes that the culture you create is the most important thing to success. I couldn’t agree more, and I think this applies to any team or group. He talks about how he creates a strong culture with simple ideas like energy and consistency.

Physically, he places a premium on his athletes moving correctly. While they are always trying to get stronger, he puts an emphasis on what a lot of people would call correctives and he just calls Human Movements. He talks about how to incorporate things like glute activation drills, dead bugs, etc. into a high paced training environment and how to do so in the most efficient way possible.

Finally, we talk a little about speed development and resources to learn more.

Here are the three guys he recommends you go and research on human movement and correctives:

Mike Robertson

Eric Cressey

Charlie Weingroff

And here are his suggestions for learning more about speed development:

Look up and read everything by Lee Taft – Father of the Plyo Step

Grab your notepad, because he speaks fast and drops a lot of knowledge. Enjoy the show.