Dana Linn and Rob Bailey on building your body, brand and relationship

Episode 51Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview two big names in the Body Building and Physique world; Dana Linn Bailey (@danalinnbailey) and Rob Bailey (@robfuckingbailey). In this episode we get into the early parts of Dana’s competitive bodybuilding and physique career, launching a successful gym and clothing brand, and of course, lifting heavy shit. These guys are a result of hard work, dedication,and crushing it in the gym – it’s no surprise to see how successful they’ve become. Enjoy the show.

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Run Everything Labs – Supplements

Flag Nor Fail – Clothing



Hustle Standard – Artist page

Topics of discussion:

[2:25] Dana on being fit before it was cool

[13:26] Going against the norm & being yourself

[23:30] Making a busy relationship work

[27:50] Clothing line: Flag Nor Fail

[31:44] Working out/ training style

[35:55] Misconceptions about building mass

[37:35] Nutrition & How to make a diet work

[41:55] Chef Rob Bailey

[43:30] Fears