Death Bed to 100 Mile Race in 6 months with Bryce Astill

Episode 60Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I interview my good friend Bryce Astill (@bryceastill). Bryce spent 10 days in ICU in critical condition while in Peru that gave both friends and family the scare of a lifetime. Not only was he able to bounce back with a full recovery, but in less than 6 months he ran a 100-mile ultra-marathon in less than 24 hours. His story is one of perseverance, gratitude, and adapting to whatever life throws at you. In this episode Bryce recounts his near death experience in Peru and leaves us with a few questions we should be asking ourselves; Are you being the best version of yourself? Are you tapping into your full potential? How will you overcome setbacks in life?

Topics of discussion:

[2:27] Near death in Peru

[14:40] A new life perspective

[17:05] Authenticity & sober living

[22:06] Recovering & working with Active Life RX

[30:40] Ultra Marathon: “The Bear 100

[51:06] Tapping into your potential

[55:00] Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

[58:58] A message for the listeners