Do it with a smile 😀, the person behind that big personality.

Episode 011Brute Strength


Today we’re joined by Mr. Personality himself – James Sprague. James is a 2x CrossFit Games athlete. Did we mention he’s only 19? Not only is James a professional athlete, but he also owns his own business, Next Gen Programming, and runs a local gym.

We discuss how he has navigated a changing sport, including how he dealt with depression in his adolescent years and how finding CrossFit changed him for the better. This episode is packed with some great stories and even some judging drama from the 2021 West Coast Classic.

9:40 How depression helped James find himself and CrossFit

15:45 What should have been a career-ending injury 

19:37 “Going into the season I wasn’t going to compete”

37:50 The Newest Training Camp

43:23 “The weirdest normalized thing” we do as humans 

50:00 The controversial “no rep”

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