Eating disorders, Weight loss, and Body Transformation with Heidi Powell

Episode 39Brute Strength


Addiction is a scary thing. Studies indicate that 30+ million people are suffering from drug abuse, and/or eating disorders nationwide. Change can be equally as frightening, but what if you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction or health disorder and change is no longer just an option, but necessary for survival? The answer is that you are not alone and these problems are 100% fixable. More than 40% of people’s daily activities come from formed habits. Tune in to learn how you can take control of your life by forming good habits that will beat your addiction.

In this episode I interview T.V. co-host to ABC’s docu-series; Extreme Weight Loss, Heidi Powell. In her words, “everyone’s dealing with something […] we all have some skeletons in the closet.” Heidi is a great example of how you can overcome your demons and transform your life. We get to hear firsthand how she overcame her eating disorder through the love and support of friends and family, and of course, through fitness.

No one is perfect, so if you or someone you know is struggling with any sort of disorder or addiction then it’s never too late to turn your life around – all that is required is compassion, humility, willingness change, and most importantly, finding your “Why?”

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Topics of discussion:

  • [4:04] Suffering from an eating disorder
    • What does E.D. mean?
    • What are some forms of E.D.?
  • [13:40] Addiction
  • [15:00] Replacing a bad addiction with a healthy addiction
  • [16:40] Advice for anyone currently struggling/ recovering from addiction
  • [20:33] How to approach a loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder
  • [31:16] How to form new habits
  • [45:00] Knowing your “why” vs. Knowing your “what”
  • [48:08] How to find your “why”