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Before we get started, I wanted to make sure you know about the Secret Strength Weapon. This document has short exercises and workouts that you can add to help you get stronger, injury-proof yourself and create structural balance. You’ll find info about tempo work, unilateral exercises and other accessory movements that you’re probably not seeing happen at your gym. If you’re looking for ways to add fun and complexity to your workouts, or ways to break through strength plateaus, you need to check it out.  Visit brutestrength.com/ssw to get your copy of this awesome and free resource.

Today’s guest is Marcus Filly, three-time individual Crossfit Games competitor and three-time teams Crossfit Games competitor. Our conversation today is all about functional fitness and bodybuilding. We talk about whether or not it’s possible to look like a Greek god while actually performing and feeling exceptionally well, ways you can improve your fitness, and how to live a happier and fuller life in general. I learned a ton from Marcus and I know you will too. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[1:58] Introducing Marcus Filly — creator of Functional Bodybuilding.

[6:32] The importance of coaching for Marcus and what he teaches his athletes.

[11:00] How you can actually look and feel good while training.

[18:52] If you’re not racing against the clock, how can you measure your success?

[26:30] Benefits that come from committing to Functional Bodybuilding.

[33:50] How Functional Bodybuilding will expand your workout repertoire.

[40:21] All about isolation movements and correcting your body deficiencies.

[47:22] Investigating your digestive health and resources for your gut.

[54:24] Breakthroughs in 2017 and how Ashram has changed Marcus’s life.

[1:04:53] Connecting with Marcus.


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Functional Bodybuilding

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