Focus, Intent, and Leadership Ft. Justin Su’a

Episode 217Brute Strength


A leader is someone who sets examples, provides a vision, inspires others and establishes an effective communication protocol. Whether you’re applying that leadership to coaching professional athletes, running a business or even parenting, Justin Su’a is who you want to look to for the best advice.

Justin is the performance psychologist for the Tampa Bay Rays and he’s coming back to the Brute Podcast this week to dive into the psychology of parenthood and the benefits of watering down your child’s ambition. He also covers a few tips on how to better lead yourself so that you can lead others at work, at home and in life. 


03:10 – Watering children’s ambition

18:52 – Teaching humility

25:53 – Nothing is impossible

41:30 – Find something to focus on

50:26 – Process-oriented goals vs. result-oriented goals





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