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Episode 80Brute Strength


In lieu of our recent one year anniversary, I’d like to thank you all, our listeners and fans who’ve been following The Brute Strength Podcast. We have a few exciting announcements to make as well as a ton of give-a-ways including a cruise for two, free gear, barbells, programming and a bunch of tips on goal setting, training and mindset. Thanks to everyone that’s been calling in with awesome questions, in this episode I’ll be answering a lot of your voice messages. Keep them coming!

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Topics of discussion:

[0:30] Brute Body Registration

[2:20] Fixing/ Offsetting habits: “Slim By Design

[9:16] Life after competition

[16:45] Working Against Gravity: 21 Day Challenge.

[17:45] At Home CrossFit Workouts

[19:08] Lose the weight & keep the muscle: Resistance training with a cardiovascular component

[20:02] Accessory Programming: Secret Strength Weapon

[22:35] Intermittent fasting

[27:38] Click here for a chance to win some gear, barbells, and programming


Slim By Design – Brian Wansink


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