Forming A Team and Training to Win with Three-Time Affiliate Cup Champion Adrian Conway

Episode 113Brute Strength


This week I’m back again with Brute Strength coach Adrian Conway (@adrianconway). Adrian is my teammate, coworker, and good friend, and he has just become one of two people to win the Affiliate Cup champion three times. In this conversation we talk about team training throughout the year, discussions before, during, and after the event, and everything else that went into the Wasatch Brutes winning the Affiliate Cup at the 2017 Reebok Crossfit Games. Adrian is an inspiring coach and a powerful leader. He shares that this may be the last time he participates in the Affiliate Cup, so you definitely won’t want to miss the wisdom he shares about forming a team, surrounding yourself with people you like, and training to win. Enjoy the show!

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Topics of discussion:

[:27] Introducing the three-time Affiliate Cup champion

[2:00] The atmosphere in the days leading up to the games

[4:41] #StopTheMayhem brought pressure in all the right ways.

[6:34] Who said what, the night before the games began.

[8:38] All about first-timer Mitch Spjut

[14:47] Conversations following the mediocre run-swim-run event

[18:15] How they rocked the Row Worm event

[23:44] Practice makes perfect in transitions.

[24:27] First place pressure and pleasure

[28:21] Team and leader lessons learned

[30:33] Adrian’s advice for a new team

[33:37] Training schedule leading up to the open