From Fit to Fat to Fit with Drew Manning

Episode 29Brute Strength


Sometime last year my good friend Bruce Pitcher told me about this Fit2Fat2Fit guy that gained a bunch of weight and then lost it. It wasn’t until this interview that I understood the full story behind why Drew Manning did this. Talk about fucking dedication to your craft! This guy gained 75 lbs and lost it so that he could relate to his overweight clients better. Wow.

He and I both agree that the diet and training aren’t nearly the biggest factors to successful transformation. We spend the majority of the time talking about the emotional side. We talked about the highs and lows of his experiment and how he uses that to relate to his clients today.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Drew’s original inspiration for the whole experiment
  • His diet he used to gain 75lbs of fat
  • His diet and training he used to lose it all
  • The emotional challenges that come with losing weight
  • What he learned about people losing weight, and how trainers can use it to help their clients

Check out the Fit2Fat2Fit website.

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