From Rehab To OCR World Champion

Episode 150Brute Strength


This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I’ll be speaking with arguably the best obstacle course runner on the planet, Hunter McIntyre. Hunter is one of those guys who’s living life to the fullest, always challenging himself, pushing the bar higher and constantly striving for greatness. In other words, he’s a total badass. In this episode, we talk about why he collects failures instead of trophies and how he went from rehab to male modeling, to being a world champion. Hunter also shares some of his secrets for sharpening your mind, such as meditating in cold water and the power of language and affirmations. Enjoy the show!


06:56 – Collecting failures

09:20 – Creating a positive mindset

16:20 – Dealing with A.D.D.

27:23 – From modeling to Professional OCR

32:30 – “Turning Pro”

41:10 – Taking advantage of your life

44:20 – Kettlebell meditation

53:30 – Overcoming challenges

59:18 – Tough Mudder X


Procabulary: The Language of Getting Things Done



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